NSM Research Inc. provides market and consumer research services to help our clients grow their brands around the world. We assist our clients in new product and packaging development, brand re-stage and commercialization activities. We serve food, beverage, pharma and personal care suppliers, developers, manufacturers and marketers.

Our Research practice specializes in generating targeted insight through consumer focus groups, on-line surveys, discussion boards, sensory testing and quantitative consumer product testing. Our Rapid Innovation Network provides targeted expertise in product development, process development, packaging development and commercialization of new products. Feel free to browse our FutureScope database for recent news, advances and trends in Health and Wellness category.


NSM Research provides qualitative, quantitative and product sensory guidance tests. We specialize in innovative market research methodologies to consumer reactions to novel ingredients, packaging features, and new product concepts. Our consumer panels can be customized to your target - ranging from Adults, Teens, Kids, Health and Wellness Aware groups. We can also conduct product sensory tests in Americas, Europe and Asian markets. More..

Rapid Innovation Network

The Rapid Innovation Network (RAIN) consists of a group of independent experts that provide on-demand technical services in product, packaging and process development for food and beverage categories. These services can complement our clients internal R&D and commercialization services. More..

Knowledge Base

Our Knowledge Base section provides timely marketplace insight, consumer trends and major challenges facing consumers around the world. More..


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